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Learn how to organize projects
Learn how to organize projects

Get familiar with the structure of customers, projects and collections

Updated over a week ago

In moodcase, each project is assigned to a customer. First you create a customer, the customer contains projects. Settings are then always related to the project. So you always share "only" one project. Within a project, the images can again be organized into collections. The same image can be in several collections.

  1. Create a customer (can also be used as a theme)

  2. In the customer you create a project, here it can be several projects for the same customer. The description allows you to record additional information about the project. This is used for example in galleries as a subtitle.

  3. In the project, you can create collections to further subdivide the project.

  4. Now click on all photos and upload your pictures.

  5. Then you move the images into the desired collection, alternatively you can also upload the images directly into the collection. If you select the images first and then create a collection, you can activate the checkbox "Add selected photos to collection".

    Pro Tip: CMD + a = select all, with Shift you can select from to and with CMD pressed you can add or remove single ones.

    The same image can be included in various collections. Exists but only once.

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