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What is moodcase?
Updated over a week ago

With moodcase you can upload any kind of images and share them with your clients and partners wherever they are.

Photographers, image editors and retouchers need to share the images they create. To select, comment or deliver to the client. moodcase makes this possible in a web based solution.

With moodcase you are at least twice as fast as any competitor in uploading images.

We have integrations to Adobe Lightroom Classic and Capture One. From these two programs you can upload images directly to moodcase. Clients and projects can be created directly.

Customer selections can be imported into the following programs

  • Adobe Lightroom Classic Mac/Win

  • Capture One Mac

  • Photo Mechanic

  • macOS Finder

  • Windows Explorer

Your customers can also install the galleries as a mobile gallery app. This gives you easier access to the images.

With moodcase you can:

Upload all popular image formats, jpg, tif, png, gif, psd, raw. is currently the fastest file sharing service. (At least twice πŸš€ as fast as the fastest competitor).

View the images in a high resolution preview.

Comment directly into the images. General comments and also freehand drawings directly into the image to convey the ideas more easily.

Notifications keep you up to date.

πŸ’‘ Want to try it out?

Start a free trial today and experience the difference in your workflow πŸ™Œ

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