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Upload media via the web app
Upload media via the web app
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How do I upload the images?

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moodcase accepts almost all image formats including raw formats. Photoshop, video files and PDF's can also be uploaded.

There are several ways to start uploading in the moodcase Web App.

Upload your media by dragging and dropping the file or folder into the project ๐Ÿ‘.

It's also not necessary to compress your images beforehand. You can upload your largest files and we'll make sure they display smoothly. Upload from moodcase is incredibly fast, at least twice as fast as the fastest service on the market.

The upload runs in the background. If you upload a lot of images, you can still continue working without waiting for the upload to finish. The thumbnails are updated continuously.

Other ways to upload

  • The Web App can handle any upload, but there are many ways to upload your media to moodcase outside of the Web App.

  • Adobe Lightroom Classic plug-in allows you to upload images directly from Lightroom.

  • Capture One plug-in allows you to publish images directly from Capture One.

  • moodcase Web App allows you to upload images directly from your smartphone.

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