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Learn how to import customer selections
Learn how to import customer selections

If images were selected by the customer, they can be easily imported into the image editing program

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Customer selections can be imported back into your workflow in various ways. Transcribing numbers is definitely a thing of the past.

Export via web application

Select the desired customer selection

Click on the 3 points menu/Export

Choose your desired export format

Then go to this folder in the Finder and paste the selection into the search box

Now you can edit these images and make them available to the customer again. (Possibly adjust the permissions so that the customer can also download the edited images).

Capture One

In Capture One in the right catalog under search, paste the clipboard and the catalog will be filtered to the selection.


In Lightroom, the images can also be filtered via the search. However, there is a possibility here with the plug-in without the export step in the web application.

For this under Library/Plug-in Extras/Import selection

  1. Import selection dialog

  2. Select desired customer and project

  3. Under Selection you have several options

  • The customer selection

  • All selections

  • All completed selections

Now you have all the images filtered to the customer selection. You can now rate them with stars, create color labels, add tags or save them to an album.

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