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Problems unpacking LRPLUGIN files on macOS
Problems unpacking LRPLUGIN files on macOS

Problems with the moodcase.lrplugin plug-in on your Mac? Use The Unarchiver to unpack LRPLUGIN files

Updated over a week ago

When it comes to unpacking LRPLUGIN files on a macOS computer, you may encounter problems when using the built-in archiver program of macOS. In some cases, the archiver can render LRPLUGIN files unusable and it can be difficult to use the plug-in in Adobe Lightroom. A possible solution to this problem is to use an alternative unpacking program such as The Unarchiver.

The Unarchiver is a free unpacker for macOS that supports a wide range of archive formats. It can also be used to unpack LRPLUGIN files on macOS without corrupting them. If you use The Unarchiver, you can usually unpack LRPLUGIN files and use them in Adobe Lightroom without any problems.

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